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Electric submersible pump fault diagnosis and development trend


At this stage, Champion Hydraulic Co., Ltd many oil fields have already moved to the middle and late stages of development, and the mining environment they face is more complicated. There are also many new fault problems in the process of using electric submersible pumps, and the electric submersible pumps currently in control. Fault diagnosis technology can no longer meet the actual needs, which requires in-depth study of its fault diagnosis technology and improve its diagnostic results.

1.1 Establish an online monitoring and diagnosis system
Establishing an on-line monitoring and diagnosis system for electric submersible pumps is necessary for the diagnosis of electric submersible pumps. Such a system can accurately monitor the unit and its associated stratum parts, and is not limited to the ground and underground. The operation of the electric submersible pump unit is detected in real time to obtain accurate working data. Under normal circumstances, if the electric submersible pump is faulty, it is not sudden, it will be displayed after a period of normal operation. At this time, the abnormal data can be accurately recorded, and the normal data is made. Contrast can find the fault-generated components in time, and then judge the cause of the fault based on the obtained data, so as to accurately analyze it, and finally determine the type of fault.

1.2 Diagnose the fault of the electric submersible pump by vibration signal
The electric submersible pump unit is actually operated by mechanical rotation. Its main functional components are basically realized by rotation. If the main component fails, it will cause abnormal vibration during the normal operation of the machine. The greater the vibration, the higher the possibility of machine damage and failure. It can be said that vibration is actually a kind of machine itself. The most real reaction. The vibration parameters are more accurate than other parameters to reflect the operating state of the unit. Collecting and sorting the vibration parameters generated by the machine makes it easier to find out the cause of the electric submersible pump failure, and the electric submersible pump is generally installed in the underground. From the perspective of testing, the vibration signal is used to judge whether the electric submersible pump is The existence of a fault is also a very convenient and effective diagnostic technique.

1.3 Combination of multiple diagnostic methods
Different fault diagnosis methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. No one is perfect. If you rely on one or two kinds of diagnostic methods to diagnose electric submersible pump faults, it is too narrow and not comprehensive enough. It is also prone to omissions. The most reasonable and scientific diagnosis method is to combine the traditional electric submersible pump diagnostic technology with the modern electric submersible pump diagnostic technology, and combine their respective strengths to create a new fault diagnosis method based on this, which can also be very large. To the extent of improving the comprehensiveness and accuracy of electric submersible pump fault diagnosis.

The traditional electric submersible pump diagnosis technology lacks certain intelligence. For example, the current card diagnosis method does not have the function of self-learning, and needs to be manually identified and improved, that is, it needs to be re-outputted and set. Incorporating certain artificial network intelligent information into the state, the fault identification can be improved, and various collected information can be effectively processed and stored, which is more conducive to fault identification and analysis. Fault tree analysis mainly relies on statistical data and experience, but many data have uncertainties and ambiguities. In this case, if fuzzy mathematics is incorporated, the problem of data ambiguity can be solved well, and It is also possible to reduce the error in the statistical data to a certain extent, so that the actual data in the field can be incorporated into it, and the fault judgment result obtained under the comprehensive analysis is more accurate.

It can be said that the combination of various diagnostic methods for the diagnosis of electric submersible pump fault is more accurate and true, and it can also effectively avoid the deficiencies in various fault diagnosis techniques. It is a highly desirable method.

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